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Running Water in Buffalo

What does it look like when the community of Buffalo comes together? Sometimes, it looks like over 250 people – from grandparents to babies – united under the simple idea that children and people dying from dirty water is not ok! But we can do something about this in Sierra Leone, West Africa, as one community.

On Sunday, May 6 we ran, walked, laughed, volunteered, and celebrated our fundraising efforts as family and friends in the beautiful Clarence Town Place Park.



The 5k Runners kicked off our event (with some adorable cheerleaders).

And the 1 Mile Walkers led us off with equal enthusiasm!

The joy was palpable as everyone banded together, knowing that underlying all of the fun was a cause worth caring about.

And guess what…? We raised over $14,000 total toward clean water in Sierra Leone with just this one event! It is no small thing what can be accomplished when we choose to bring our hearts and efforts together.

We at Let Them LOL want to say three things:

  1. Thank you. Thank you to each one of you who helped, attended, and donated. And thanks so much to our One Drop Partners who help to keep our spirits high throughout the year and choose to invest right back into our communities in such a meaningful way!
  2. Hold onto wonder. It may be tempting in the busy pace of everyday life but don’t skip past this moment too quickly. Celebrate with us! Hold onto the joy, and revel for just a bit in the spectacle of what we really can do together. It’s possible! You are part of lasting change. Because we came together as neighbors, real moms and dads and little ones an ocean away will have a chance at a better future, and access to water that won’t threaten their lives. Children who aren’t even born yet will be impacted by this one day in our Buffalo community. What a beautiful reminder of  what really matters, a moment to be grateful for. Let yourself stand in wonder.
  3. Don’t wait on us! We’re so encouraged to see old and new faces at our events, and even to hear of friends or groups who couldn’t be involved yet but are searching for an opportunity. Well, thankfully, it’s never too late! Our organization exists because of the grassroots efforts by individuals of all ages, inspired to create lasting change: birthdays for clean water, marathons, bake sales, lemonade stands, movie nights, you name it! All year long we offer a simple, easy way to set up your own personal online Let Them LOL page for organizing and collecting your clean water fundraising. Just click here to get started: https://my.letthemlol.com/mywaterfund



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