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Welcome, New Sponsors!

If you are new to sponsorship with Let Them LOL, or just considering what the experience might be like, here’s everything you’ll need to know about what to expect:

  • Types of Sponsorship/Payment Options (see below)
  • Exclusive Christmas Ornaments (see below)
  • Monthly Sponsorship Update Emails (see below)
  • Facebook Group for Sponsors (see below)
  • Communication with your Sponsored Child (click here)
  • Christmas Gifts with your Sponsored Child (click here)

Types of Sponsorship/Payment Options
Hope Rising Academy (School Program • Sierra Leone)

• $39-44/mo (sign up online for automatic payments, or pay ahead in-person)
• provides confidence and opportunity of education, school uniform/shoes/fees, a nutritious daily meal (packed here at our Volunteer Center in Williamsville, NY), regular medical care & access to our school nurse

Girl’s Empowerment Home (Girl’s Safe House/Dormitory/Schooling at HRA • Sierra Leone)

• $80/mo (sign up online for automatic payments, or pay ahead in-person)
• These girls and young women have been identified as at-risk and needing to be removed from unsafe environments. Your sponsorship provides all the benefits of an HRA educational sponsorship as well as funding full-time and rehabilitation/therapeutic care in a safe dormitory-style environment with similar-aged girls and female caretakers. This program helps to build up the belief and understanding that they are each worthy of unconditional love.

Hope Campus Staff (Our Sierra Leonean workforce)

  • $35/mo – (sign up online for automatic payments, or pay ahead in-person)
  • provides confidence and solidarity in fighting for justice, basic necessities to help support daily/family life, a nutritious daily meal (packed here at our Volunteer Center in Williamsville, NY), and regular medical care

Hope Rising Buffalo (Girl’s Safe House/After School Program • Buffalo – Coming Soon)

• $TBD
• Girls under the age of 12 have experienced severe trauma from an early stage of life and are in need of a unique, safe, therapeutic environment. Your sponsorship helps us build up and provide an after school rehabilitation/therapeutic program in a safe space with trained individuals who can not only support and teach these children, but offer much needed relief to their families in their struggle to give such a unique and highly-demanding level of care on a regular basis. You will help to invest in the program as we grow to eventually provide deeper levels of support to vulnerable children and families.


Exclusive Christmas Ornaments
Each year our students work on a fun craft project with one of our visiting teams. They get to paint and express themselves creatively in a way they wouldn’t normally experience! Now you, as sponsors, have the opportunity to purchase their artwork in the form of Christmas ornaments.

Most students had the opportunity to make several ornaments and we have held them individually, giving you the chance to buy your specific child’s creations as well as additional ones from unsponsored children. These make great gifts around the holidays and act as a donation of $10 to our program and last for years to come.

Each year, we include one ornament in your year-end mailing for any student who did create an ornament last spring. **Keep in mind that a student must have been present on the spring painting day to have created an ornament. If you do not receive one in your year-end mailing this most likely is why. Feel free to contact us with any questions.**

We will provide a form which you can fill out so we’ll know to contact and let you know how many of your student’s ornaments are available, and coordinate payments. Around this season, you could also stop by the Volunteer Center on Thursdays from 9AM-8PM to purchase ornaments in person.


Monthly Sponsorship Update Emails
Once you sign up to become a sponsor, in providing your email, each month you can expect an exciting and exclusive update on all the latest news relating to Hope Rising Academy and our children’s programs! As developments arise overseas or here in Buffalo, we’ll send you glimpses of stories and reminders of anything you need to know to feel like part of the action and keep up to date on what your child might be experiencing. From student government voting, to school expansion highlights, to reminders on upcoming letter writing dates, this monthly email will help keep you in the loop on everything at a glance.


Group for Let Them LOL Sponsors
We’ve created a closed Facebook group as a way to build our community of sponsors and increase our communication. In this group, we will post updates on the program, as well as photos from the school in real time! We will also be posting reminders on letter writing and other opportunities. There is no obligation to join it, we just want to make available many ways of connecting with you and keeping you informed on all the transformational things happening. We have already seen over 100 sponsors join so follow the link below and join the discussion!

> When can I communicate with my sponsored child?

> What is Christmas In July? (Christmas Gifts for your sponsored child)

Have more questions? Simply email info@letthemlol.com

> To sign up to become a sponsor with Let Them LOL, click here, read a little more, or visit our Volunteer Center at 5205 Harris Hill Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221



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