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Thanks for Running, Buffalo!

A huge thank you to everyone who made their way out for our Running Buffalo 5k event this year! You showed up as the city of good neighbors, here and around the world.

This year, we tried something different, changing the name, look, and theme of our 5k/1mile walk event to celebrate the heartbeat of our city and rise up together with renewed vision. We were thrilled to see your smiling faces – young, and younger – so full of joy and energy as you gathered to embody this city of good neighbors, empowering a better future here and around the world as one Let Them LOL community.

The sun showed up, too and we were in for a great day. Together, through laughter, cardio, snacks, and some impressive achievements we transformed a day of fun into a day of life-change all because you decided to give and participate. 

To our volunteers, runners, walkers, sponsors, and anyone in-between: for helping to bring people clean water, to serve a community in Sierra Leone and in Buffalo, to bring nutrition and education to kids in need, to employ, empower, and dignify people, and to offer hope to the most vulnerable, we want to say thank you.

You are a crucial part of the story and we appreciate you. As the African proverb says, “Many drops make a mighty ocean.” Your one drop is making a big difference. Thanks for representing Buffalo so well! We went home a little more tired, and maybe even a little more sweaty, but with hope for our communities united by hard work and hope that things can be different and we are always better together. 

Thanks for inspiring us. We can’t wait to see you again, soon!

– – –

Next opportunities to say Hi:
Annual Water Gala (10yr Celebration): Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 5pm – Buffalo Riverworks
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(Thanks, again!)



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