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It’s easy to look at a problem like dirty water and think: what can one person do? But our Let Them LOL community knows, there are a lot of ways to stand with our neighbors believing that one day, things will be different. Need a reminder today? Look no further than our friend Theia.

She heard about the lack of clean drinking water in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and the work Let Them LOL does to help empower a different future.

Theia’s giving heart, full of compassion reminds us of some dear friends in Sierra Leone who always tell us they’re praying for our community here in Buffalo. For her 11th birthday party, she made a big decision: she didn’t want gifts or anything fancy, all she wanted was to try to help make an impact for clean water with Let Them LOL.

On the big day, the favors included LOL wristbands, and she set out a donation box. Everything else was simple and fun!

Alongside her friends, she decided to turn a day which could have been all about her into something bigger. Together, they helped raise awareness, raised over $450 in one day (scroll down to see the impact), and had a blast together all sparked by one selfless heart!

Thank you, Theia, for choosing to give up your birthday! Thanks to her family, friends, and local businesses like Dawn’s Candy Shack who would show up in full support! And thanks and to the rest of you – our Let Them LOL community – you’re inspiring us everyday (for ten years!) from both sides of the ocean with your hope, resilience, and enduring love for your neighbor. So…what does $450 mean, you ask?

This one day and Theia’s generous heart will help provide 18 people (or just over 4 families) with clean water (and sustainable hope which sometimes looks kind of like what you see above)!

Talk about a day to celebrate! So what can one person do; what can you do? Probably a lot! Go try something and find out (then let us know all about it)!



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