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Cheers for 10yrs: Meet Jenn & Jayson!

We could talk all day about what Ten Years looks like as we prep for our Ten Year Celebration Gala (psst – did you reserve your table, yet?), but instead we thought… why not take a moment to meet the incredible people – just like you – who make Let Them LOL possible!

Besides being amazing parents to three lovely ladies, Jenn began lending a hand as a part-time bookkeeper after the couple became involved with LTLOL from very early on, and Jayson is a Pediatrician. Together, their family sponsors a girl named Mariama and both have traveled to Sierra Leone more than once! Find their answers to some of our burning questions below, and stay tuned for some more Cheers for 10yrs Introductions!

LTLOL: What does 10 Years mean to you?

Jenn & Jayson: Exponential growth from a water only focus, to children and health care, and a move to Mano that allowed for the vision of a school and a campus that has enriched an entire community.

Why do you care about clean water? Any other comments/thoughts? 

Clean water is the most important factor in reversing the cycle of poor health and poverty


Scottsbluff, NE and Barrie, ON Canada

Favorite song to dance to?

Jayson doesn’t dance, Mama Mia for Jenn

Your ideal breakfast?

Jayson: Belgian waffles
Jenn: Oatmeal with fresh fruit and homemade granola

Favorite place in the world?


Wrestle a lion or fight a shark?

Wrestle a lion

Any added thoughts or memories/reflections? 

[It’s] incredible to see how far the original Hope Rising children’s Home kids have grown since the first day they were dropped off. That was a life changing and surreal day. The new campus feels like a wonderfully safe and exciting place for all Hope Rising Children’s Home and Hope Rising Academy [Let Them LOL’s school] kids.

Thanks Jenn, Jayson & family, and all of our Let Them LOL community for making our life saving work possible! Next time you see someone who matters to you, set aside a moment to celebrate what’s past and what’s possible, together.



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