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Cheers for 10yrs: Meet Joann!

We could talk all day about what Ten Years looks like, but instead we thought… why not take a moment to meet the incredible people – just like you – who make Let Them LOL possible!

Besides enjoying retirement (with a full schedule) as a wonderful wife and mother, Joann volunteers her time to help pull the annual Water Gala together year by year! She also loves participating in LTLOL events like the 5k, and has a huge heart for the organization (just listen to her gush about her sponsor girl below), often fundraising and spreading the story even from her winter “home” in Florida. Check out her answers below, and stay tuned for more Cheers for 10yrs Introductions!

How long have you been involved in Let Them LOL?

About 6 years, but I knew about it for a couple of years before that.

What does 10 Years mean to you?

A decade. A milestone. Double-digits. But for LOL — amazing, life-changing hope, new life, future sustainability, and accomplishments beyond what I could have imagined. Happy, healthy children laughing and playing, and learning. 10 out of 10.

Why do you care about clean water? Any other comments/thoughts?

Because I have learned through people at LOL, the statistics regarding preventable deaths worldwide, simply because clean water is not available everywhere. And what a shame I have taken it’s availability for granted all these years! 


Buffalo, NY

Favorite song to dance to?

Wow — hard to choose — Everytime I Close My Eyes (Ich mach meine Augen zu) by Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo – a line dance.  

Your ideal breakfast?

1/2 Grapefruit, Stuffed Fr. Toast with fruit, Scrambled eggs, 2 Turkey Sausage links, and Coffee

Favorite place in the world?

Home — wherever my family is — usually Buffalo, (but I like to travel,and Hawaii is pretty nice)

Wrestle a lion or fight a shark?

Wrestle a lion (if Daniel can survive, so can I — maybe without wrestling!)

Any added thoughts or memories/reflections? 

I co-sponsor an 8-yr. old girl named Margaret “My little Margie”. It has changed my life to give my heart to her and watch her grow and thrive. I love her photos and letters — and especially her smile! I have met 2 people from Mano in Sierra Leone who came here for training. They touched my heart, and I always ask about them. My daughter has been on several trips, and I enjoy her updates and photos. I feel like I know a lot of the people there, even though I have not traveled there.

Thanks for sharing your compassionate heart Joann, and all of you at Let Them LOL. Let’s celebrate 10 incredible years and beyond together in October!



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