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Cheers for 10yrs: Meet Keith & Michelle!

We could talk all day about what Ten Years looks like, but instead we thought… why not take a moment to meet the incredible people – just like you – who make Let Them LOL possible!

Besides being incredible parents, Keith is the General Manager of a local printing company, and Michelle is a devoted reading teacher. Their family has volunteered with LTLOL almost since day-one! See their passion for clean water and how they came to sponsor an incredible boy in Sierra Leone, below. Stay tuned for more Cheers for 10yrs Introductions, soon!

How long have you been involved in Let Them LOL? 

I [Keith] have been involved with Let Them LOL since the first “Gala” at Pearl Street. That was the first time I met Kate and I immediately began working with them.

What does 10 Years mean to you?

A decade of helping those in need in one of the most underdeveloped nations in the world is an incredible journey. I have had the opportunity to travel to Sierra Leone 4 times and each and every time I go I am impressed with the progress and impact LOL has made within the region. My wife and I are truly honored to have been part of it. I look forward to the next decade and all the possibilities for the future of the people of Sierra Leone.

Why do you care about clean water? Any other comments/thoughts?

Water is life…and that’s not a cliché. Water is everything and sustains all life on this planet. It is the most basic necessity and the fact that so many still don’t have access to clean water is completely unacceptable.


Buffalo, NY

Favorite song to dance to? 

C’mon, I don’t dance…usually.

Your ideal breakfast? 

Over easy eggs, guacamole and hot sauce.

Favorite place in the world? 

Hmmm…toughie, probably New Orleans

Wrestle a lion or fight a shark? 

Pet a goat

Any added thoughts or memories/reflections?

So many great memories it’s almost impossible. I would say my first trip when we first opened the children’s home. I was out doing village assessments and water filter demos all day would come back exhausted yet suddenly get a boost of energy because we got to hang out with all the kids. My wife Michelle and I wanted to sponsor a child but it was so tough to “choose” one. In fact I told Kate that I can’t just pick one because that means “I’m not choosing another”. She told me just pay attention and one will choose you. She was right. A boy named Morie took a liking to me. He’s an awesome kid, great sense of humor, loves music, loves to dance…just really cool. And so we’ve been his sponsor ever since. So thankful for LOL and how well they’ve taken care of our kids in the children’s home. They are one big happy family and it has been fun to watch them grow.



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