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Cheers for 10yrs: Meet Meredith & Erik!

We could talk all day about what Ten Years looks like, but instead we thought… why not take a moment to meet the incredible people – just like you – who make Let Them LOL possible!

Not only are they wonderful parents of two, and incredible supporters of Let Them LOL, but Meredith and Erik are so close they even work and run a business together! Take a moment or two below to learn more about this fun couple, and check in soon for more Cheers for 10yrs Introductions!

How long have you been involved in Let Them LOL?

5 Years

What does 10 Years mean to you?

10 years is a long time to do anything. Especially something as important and challenging as what Let them LOL has been up to. When you look at what exists today it’s amazing to think that it was just an idea (and not even the full vision that now exists) a decade ago. Our children, William (11) and Adeline (9) have also had the opportunity to volunteer and get involved. It’s been great for so many different reasons. Our family is excited to be a part of what comes next for LOL.

Why do you care about clean water? Any other comments/thoughts?

It’s a basic necessity that you need to live. It’s so simple yet so many are without it. When you help someone get clean water you’re helping them open doors to a new way of living.



Favorite song to dance to?

Anything by Justin Timberlake

Your ideal breakfast?

Meredith: Eggs and veggies.
Erik: The protein shake Meredith makes himĀ 

Favorite place in the world?


Wrestle a lion or fight a shark?

Meredith: Wrestle a lion. Because you don’t have the added difficulty of the water.
Erik: Shark. Because I’m a really good swimmer.

Any added thoughts or memories/reflections? 

Meredith: What sticks with me is the feeling of joy that’s present in the people at Hope Rising Academy. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt anywhere else. 
Erik: Supporting the campus and sponsoring children makes me feel like I’m actually doing something that’s making someone else’s life better.



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