Empowerment LTLOL

We Persevere

We see the need and step forward.
Full speed ahead,
visibility decreases, terrain worsens; we continue.

Lungs weaken
obstacles become boulders
and who knows what just flew inches past our skull,
but never mind.

We know for whom we fight.

The goal hasn’t changed and the need only seems far more pressing now.

We leave none behind along the way,
dodging the looming ceiling.

forced, now, to crawl
heart racing,
we fix our eyes
steady our mind

we press on toward the goal.

Let tomorrow come,
we will begin again.

For all that is worthy is promised

and will surely come.

What unites our stories? We hope, we persevere, we love, we rebuild, we dream. This has paved the way for the ups and downs of ten years of Let Them LOL. Will you help us continue our life saving work? Give today to help us continue into 2020 by clicking here: my.letthemlol.com/2019giving

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