Empowerment LTLOL

We Love

still, slowly
one at a time

We allow our eyes to see
really see
each other
hearts beating through wild eyes.

Pause to realize
was never meant to be
about protecting
or keeping
but always a fierce
of ourselves

and this will always be worth it.

We spend ourselves
and find love overflowing
even as we pour it out.

See an impossible three,
to be put right again where
love can
bind them in family.

Into something holy.

See an impossible me,
a mess
centered in the same story
desperate and longing
for love to bind up
and put right again

We love
as a battle cry and an
that all depths might be filled

and this will always be worth it.

What unites our stories? We hope, we persevere, we love, we rebuild, we dream. Join us: letthemlol.com



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