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If you’ve ever been to a Let Them LOL event, you’ve likely met (maybe without realizing) Meghan and Jeff Brauer. This incredible family – now with a welcome addition – have been so committed to helping, they’ve sold merchandise and supported LTLOL at almost every function through many years and changes (they even received an award for their commitment). We decided to chat with them to help you get to know them better. Take a look at their joy at having a front row seat through years of transformation!

How long have you been part of Let Them LOL?
10 years for Jeff
5 years for Meghan

How did you get involved? What is your role with LTLOL?
Meeting Joe and Kate at the beginning of LOL through a friend (Jeff speaking) and Meghan became involved after starting to date Jeff. We are slingers of merch at LOL events!

What does LTLOL mean to you, personally?
LOL means a great deal to me personally. I have created many life long friendships with people I’ve served along side with. I have been fortunate to be involved in good times and bad, thru triumph and tragedy and through it all God continues to make his presence known in the hearts of the people of Sierra Leone. The country and its people have been transformed through God’s grace and volunteers hands. To see the transformation through these first ten years of LOL is very emotional. It’s incredible to see and be a small part of. 

What have you learned from being part of LTLOL?
That the Kingdom needs everyday ordinary people to perform tasks beneficial to it. That even if you don’t think you could help and make a difference, if you just open your heart and mind to it you can see God’s hand continually weaving his will into this organization. 

What’s something you enjoy doing (when you’re not helping LTLOL, of course)?
We enjoy spending time with family and friends. Eating good food. Traveling. 

Where would you really like to travel?
The Hope Rising campus in Sierra Leone and New Zealand or Germany

What is the best advice you remember getting?
Measure twice and cut once

Would you rather lose your elbows or your knees?
Knees. We Need to be able to eat pizza (Jeff) and hold a coffee mug (Meghan)

Share a joke
What do you call someone with no arms or legs laying in a pile of leaves?
What do you call someone with no arms or legs hanging on a wall?

Any other comments about LTLOL? Anything that has amazed you over the years? Anything you’re grateful for or want to encourage other volunteers about?
We are absolutely amazed every year at the growth and impact LOL has on the community in Sierra Leone.  We cannot believe what started with a ringtone has turned into a school, medical facility,  farm, cafe, safe house for girls in need and over hundred wells providing clean water to so many!  

We feel so lucky to be a part of all this and get to watch what this organization is doing for the community in Sierra Leone and how LTLOL has also changed the Buffalo community and the people in it just by partnering together!

Thanks so much to the Brauer family for your constant support and meaningful generosity. And thanks to you – our Let Them LOL community – for helping build so many relationships like this possible over years of growth. It’s our privilege to enjoy and share a front row seat to the adventure. Let’s continue – who knows what more we can create together?



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