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2020 Kinda Stinks: How You Can Help

You’d have to be (quite literally) living under a rock to have missed the difficulty everyone’s been facing in 2020. Let Them LOL is no exception. All major fundraising events compromised or cancelled, our two communities stressed and reeling from sickness and struggle, and increased need combined with decreased resources…it all feels like too much.

To put it plainly: 2020 kinda stinks for all of us. And now, Let Them LOL actually can’t move forward without your help. We need you.

So, before we kiss this year goodbye forever (Sayonara!), here’s something YOU (yes, you) can do. Actually three possibilities:


Yep, our Volunteer Center Doors are open again from 9:30am-8pm on Thursdays! We have a major need for meal packing (providing life-sustaining nutrition to directly impact our Sierra Leonean staff and students), as well as helping make our Year End appeal more personal and successful than ever. Would you be willing to help? Click here and reserve your spot. Bring your squad or fly solo, we’ll be here to welcome you*.

*we will help to ensure your safety – just don’t forget to wear your mask


We know it’s a vulnerable time for everyone*, but we have to be honest: our financial need is more pressing (and concerning) than ever. We need your help to close the gap. We need our community to rise up like you have in the past and provide the funds to continue. Here’s the breakdown of our 2020 needs:

$30,000 Education: to finish & furnish our High School Science** Building. High School Science is a prerequisite to become a doctor and Sierra Leone has less than 100 doctors in their entire country.
**note there are very few High Schools with Science departments in the entire country. We would be one of only a handful.

$34,500 Water: We have targeted 5 villages in a very remote area that are desperately in need of a well

$49,000 Program, Staff & Future Development: US & SL staff, program needs and future critical programs that will begin to take shape in 2021

Total Need: $113,500

Maybe you’re bummed to miss out on our Gala (we can relate), why not donate your ticket? Did you miss running in our 5k? Maybe put your registration cost toward our need! How about the money you saved on gas while we all hunkered down at home? Maybe it could save lives! Click here to get started.

*Don’t have the resources to extend this year, but still want to help? We get it. See below!


Whether you’re in a tough spot financially, pressed for free time, or you’re simply obsessed with clean water/healthy kids, there is one thing all of us can do: spread the word. How?

  • Share our Year End social media posts (facebook or instagram) or grab one of the pics below with this link: my.letthemlol.com/bethebridge2020 and make it your own (psst…did you know ‘reacting’, liking, or sharing our posts makes it possible for more people to see them? It’s a simple way to help out!)!
  • Text or email this blog post to your people and remind them 2020 doesn’t have to be all bad!
  • Forward our Be the Bridge emails to a handful of friends, sharing why Let Them LOL matters to you – you never know who is looking for a way to get involved! (PS – want to make sure you get our emails? Click here!)



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